0000012: [Improvement] Improve Configuration Handling (patschuh)
0000019: [Improvement] In the TraceInputDialog the TextField for the key should be bigger
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Released 2018-12-13
## [0.12.0]
### Added
- Added option to start tracing from a specified epoch timestamp
- Added fast trace option to only trace a key in the partition it should be in based on the Kafka default partitioning
## Changed
- Improved Error Alert Handling for JSON Validation Errors
- Introduced Guice Dependency Injection
- Reworked Consumer Handling to allow for more thread safety and multiple consumers per instance
0000014: [Improvement] Add option for trace start position (patschuh)
0000016: [Improvement] Dependency Injection with Guice (or Spring)
0000010: [Improvement] WindowsEmbeddedKafka Patch (patschuh)
0000013: [Improvement] Key Search für Partition (patschuh)
0000009: [Improvement] Improve Error Alert for JSON Validation Errors (patschuh)
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Released 2018-11-25
## [0.11.0]
### Added
- info/describe option on topics
- option to create topics from a template yaml
- Support for String headers
### Changed
- internal topics are now displayed in the topic list
- Exception causing the formating Error when using the "Format JSON" button is displayed in the corresponding textArea
- Controls leading to a ConcurrentModification Exception on the Consumer are now disabled while a Background Task is executed
### Fixed
- NPE when using Format JSON without selecting a message
0000006: [Feature Request] Header Support (patschuh)
0000002: [Improvement] Popup bei JSON Formatierungsfehler
0000003: [Bug] NullPointerException wenn man JSON formatieren will, aber kein Record ausgewählt hat (patschuh)
0000004: [Feature Request] Topic Management mit YAML Konfig (patschuh)
0000007: [Improvement] Get current topic Config
0000005: [Improvement] Löschen der falschen / obsoleten Broker Configs über die GUI (patschuh)
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