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0000008KafkaEsqueBugpublic2019-02-25 12:09
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Summary0000008: NPE Cleanup

Fix NPEs when clicking on buttons without having made the required selections before.
Preferably disable control if the required selection has not been made.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Creating a topic without selecting a cluster -> NPE-ErrorAlert
  • Trying to get or publish messages without selecting a topic -> NPE-ErrorAlert for publishing / NPE in background for getting
  • Playing a message book without selecting a cluster -> NPE-ErrorAlert
  • Opening the Schema registry browser without selecting a cluster -> NPE-ErrorAlert




2019-01-23 15:21

reporter   ~0000022

Switching Schema in schema registry > NPE

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KafkaEsque_github: develop 3974ce08

2019-02-25 12:09:38


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[ESQUE-8] Fix NPE when changing subject Affected Issues
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